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Key Notices about the Kovacsik Method:

  • is a therapy encompassing a natural-energy assessment based on dowsing and energization techniques for the bodies of living beings by using metal pieces that were developed by Mr. Estevam Kovacsik;
  • does not have its existence or its effectiveness publicly and officially recognized besides the long-standing efficacy of its application;
  • is not provided by physicians or other registered health professionals;
  • is delivered by means of free and nonprofessional care;
  • does not diagnose diseases, it does not prescribe or administer medicine, nor does it impose or suggest, whether directly or indirectly, giving up on medical treatment; and – it is not an alternative to medicine, but the method complements the set of knowledge and techniques that is good for the bodies of living beings.

The only individual authorized by law to diagnose diseases, prescribe and administer medicine is a physician.

The Kovacsik Method offers no unfailing cure and does not have official recognition of its existence or effectiveness

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